Look Great In A Mens Down Sweaters

Mens Down Patagonia SweaterI like nothing better than getting a deal on really nice menswear. So when I saw the amazing deal on this Patagonia Mens Down Sweater I just had to post about it.

I have been wearing my Patagonia for the second winter and it is really light weight and oh so warm. As sure you may have noticed there are a lot of people wearing down filled jackets this winter. Everyone looks like they have on a bubble!

If that’s exactly the look you don’t want, look no further.

The Patagonia Down Sweater is like a sweater, with no bulky silhouette. It’s quite pleasing to the eye and fits amazingly well especially in the arms.

I have long arms and I’ve tried other jackets in this style and the arms are always too short plus the sleeve rids up my arm when driving. The way Patagonia makes this garment eliminates that problem. It moves with your arm and doesn’t ride up.

The sweater is very warm in cold weather although you won’t be overheated in the car or the mall. It’s the best of both worlds; comfortable inside and outside.

This fine piece of mens outerwear is usually just over $200 US but for a limited time you will find the Patagonia Down Sweater here for $139.95.

Don’t miss out.

Here is a selection of mens Patagonia Down Jackets:

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